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Do you have a skill and the time to share it with those in need?

Be it a medical or therapeutic skill, a teaching skill, administration or operations experience or skills, YOU can make a difference.

Volunteer at  TAT Children’s Village in Benoni.

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Local Community Volunteer Program

The Almond Tree could not function or grow without an engaged local community to get behind our cause. Volunteers who have given their time to help build our organization from the days we had only four babies to now where we have a fully functional Village and Primary School filled with many children. The hours of time gifted to us from past volunteers is innumerable and the level of dedication unmatchable. Volunteers are very precious to us and we appreciate every one who puts up their hand and gives of their time to build into the lives of our children.

For community volunteers, our volunteer program operates during the week between 08h30-15h30. Our children’s holiday club runs three times a year and over this time, volunteers can assist our activities coordinator for the duration of the holiday club, which is normally a full week of fun and activities with the children.


International Resident Volunteer Program

The Almond Tree Resident Volunteer program exists to create opportunities for people to practically come and serve alongside the team in the work that God is establishing here on the Village. We hope to create spaces where volunteer can offer their time and skills to support the children in our care by investing in the structures and programs that make the Village a safe and loving home for them.

Who Can Become a Resident Volunteer? Is this for me?

Anyone who has a servant heart, a passion for children, and time, can become a Resident Volunteer. Working with vulnerable children who have been exposed to many traumas requires consistent loving attention and connection. Connection can only be made through time and therefore we require a minimum of three months stay, where you will live and work on the Village.


Volunteer at our Baby Home – The Tree House:

Working with vulnerable babies comes with a specific routine of care and stimulation. Our goal is to restore our babies and to ensure that they are healthy to develop and reach their milestones.

As a Volunteer, you are expected to uphold our standard of care and protection of The Almond Tree babies.

Volunteers must go through a vetting process and specific training with The Almond Tree in order to work with vulnerable babies.

A commitment of two to three days per week is expected of volunteers who wish to work with our babies. This allows the babies to get to know the volunteers and ensures that the volunteers know exactly what our babies needs are and can attend to them.

Volunteer at The Residential Cluster Homes:

Working with vulnerable children who have experienced severe trauma requires a great degree of sensitivity and wisdom.  Many vulnerable children come from broken families and abnormal living arrangements; children having to take responsibility for their younger siblings and being expected to become adults long before they should.

Volunteers who wish to work with older children, need to have a deep sense of compassion and patience to understand how children who have experienced severe trauma behave.

Volunteer opportunities include: Helping with housekeeping, child-minding, homework, extra-mural activities and sports like tennis, soccer, chess or LEGO building and helping with the children’s Holiday Club which runs throughout each school holiday period.

Volunteers who wish to get involved are expected to commit to regular interactions where they can build relationships with the children and influence their lives in a positive way. We do not allow once off visits with our children.

Building healthy relationships is part of the restoration process and we encourage this for our children.

Volunteers must go through a vetting process and specific training with The Almond Tree in order to work with vulnerable children.


Volunteer at our ECD or Primary School:

The Almond Tree Education branch focuses on creating as many opportunities for children to learn through play as possible. We value the importance of building the fundamental foundations in all learning areas and have seen how education can impact a child’s life in a positive way. Education should tap into a child’s identity, give them a sense of belonging and teach them to become valuable members of society.

Volunteers with education experience or a passion for education, can help at our schools as a teaching assistant or tap into the area of sports and fun activities.


There are various ways to get involved, you may have a certain skill set you wish to offer to The Almond Tree.

For example: a handyman, bookkeeper, doctor or therapist, teacher, organizer, sorter and administrator.

If you would like to Volunteer, send a motivational letter of interest and request for an application form to zina@thealmondtree.co.za.

Note: We cannot guarantee a volunteer position, applications are assessed according to the skills needed for the operation at the time of application.

Volunteer Testimonials
Hours of time given with loving hearts by Special People – These are the people who add the sugar and spice to a regular day at The Almond Tree.

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