These are the stories of the babies who have been nurtured within The Almond Tree and released into forever families or re-united with their families.

Elliot Blessing Munk
28 February 2016 – 18 March 2018

Our road to Blessing

The 18th December 2017 is exactly 3 months since we first met our youngest son, Elliot Blessing. And what a blessing he is in our family.

When we heard about him for the first time, it was on email from our adoption agency: “A 20-month-old boy from South Africa looking for parents. The boy is born very prematurely and have Cerebral Palsy of mixed type. He is described as a very very happy boy. ”

Emma And Luke

Some people ask if Luke and Emma are twins, or if we planned to have four little ones aged four and under. We most certainly didn’t but knowing and seeing first-hand how God puts families together, we know that this was definitely God’s plan for Luke’s life, Emma’s life, as well as the rest of the Barnard’s lives too.


Angel’s mom wanted the best for her and thought that adoption was the answer, however she soon learned that she could not live without Angel.

A short time after Angels placement at The Almond Tree, Angels mom contacted the social worker involved to request if Angel could be placed back in her care as she did not have the heart to place her for adoption.