Training and Development
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In this work, people make all the difference. We pride ourselves in recruiting excellent staff. We motivate and educate our staff, who in turn contribute to the well-being and growth of The Almond Tree.

We encourage on-the-job learning and provide in-house training to ensure that we deliver an excellent service to our beneficiaries.

We provide opportunities for our people to unlock their full potential and encourage each staff member to focus on advancing their personal growth and development.

As part of our staff development strategy, we identify courses to equip our staff in the care and protection of babies and children.

The Trauma Competent Caregiver Course and Baby and Childcare Course have been developed to provide the tools required by our care staff to adequately equip them for the work they do with vulnerable children that have experienced trauma.

As the organization grows and opportunities arise for career advancement, we aim to ensure that candidates who display potential receive the support and education required to transform and improve their lives.

in-house training