The Almond Tree is actively involved in decision making from the moment a baby or child is placed in our care. We determine outcomes through a multi-disciplinary team that meet regularly to discuss the progress of individual cases and together ensure that the interests of the child are prioritized.

Each case is evaluated individually to establish the course of action to be taken whether it is for the child to remain in our care, be reunited with family, or be adopted by a forever family.

The Almond Tree plays an active role in these processes. Reuniting babies with biological family and facilitating visitation with the family.

We are also active in the fostering process whereby foster family’s partner with The Almond Tree to receive counsel and support throughout the fostering process.

The Almond Tree is not an adoption agency, although we do facilitate adoptions that take place through our home. The Almond Tree works with adoption agencies and private adoption social workers to facilitate the adoption process.

For queries about adoption we advise the public to contact reputable adoption agencies in South Africa, i.e. Impilo and Abba Adoptions.

It is always hard to release a child that we have grown to love and care for, but we acknowledge that we have played a very important part in each child’s life and that the memories made here will stay with them for a life-time.