Early Childhood Education

By the age of 2, a baby’s brain will have reached 80% of its adult size. The quality of a child’s experiences during the first 1000 days of their life establishes the foundation for everything that follows in their growth and development.

At The Almond Tree we aim to ensure that the babies and children in our care are stimulated and nurtured, promoting early childhood development to prepare them for their educational career.

Our vision is that every child is given the opportunities to become a leader in society and a change-agent for the future of South Africa.

The Almond Tree educational branch encompasses an early childhood development and stimulation program for babies up to three years old. From three years old our children are enrolled at The Nurture Nest Pre-school where they are encouraged to investigate, explore and learn through creative play. Guided play is encouraged using an “enquiry approach” to encourage the personal development of each child.

Observations are recorded tracking age-appropriate milestones and daily observations are made to monitor development.

The following early learning development areas are focal points of the pre-school learning program: Well-being of the child, identity and belonging, communication, exploring mathematics, creativity and knowledge & understanding of the world through creative play.

Traumatic experiences can result in delayed cognitive development and therefore our education team focus on the wholistic development of each child to ensure that while learning, restoration and rehabilitation also take place.