Our Facilities

The Almond Tree Children’s Village
The Almond Tree (TAT) Children’s Village is based in Cloverdene, Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa.

The Village property encompasses: The Almond Tree Head Office and Social Services, the Tree House Baby Nursery, the Residential Cluster Homes, Nurture Nest Pre-school (Early Childhood Development centre), and Children of Promise Independent Primary School.

TAT cluster homes
After working with babies for a time, it was clear that there was a need for a Children’s Village that could care for vulnerable children older than three years. In the past, cases would be turned away due to the presence of a sibling older than three years. Since The Almond Tree registration only covered up to age three, this presented a very real challenge, especially when the splitting of siblings was involved. We believe in keeping family together and this sparked the idea to develop The Almond Tree Children’s Village. The Village is made up of parents and children, staff members and volunteers, all who live and work together as a community. The Village provides a home for children who have lost their families or who are vulnerable due to various circumstances.

The Residential Cluster consists of eight homes in a circle formation and is the first of six identical housing clusters in the plans. Each home consists of a permanent care mother with a maximum of six children in her care. The home is cleverly designed with three bedrooms (one boy, one girl and one for mom), two bathrooms and a sizable living area. Each home forms part of a circle and the centre of the circle is where all the fun happens. This is where all the children play together, enjoy sunny afternoons together and it is a place for the moms to encourage one another and share parenting ideas. The Almond Tree model is based on the family unit and creating an environment where family can thrive.