Ways You can Give
The Almond Tree appreciates every donation no matter how big or small.
Monthly DonationsOnce-off Donations
Regular donations help us to make committed decisions and ensure that The Almond Tree can grow to rescue more vulnerable babies and children.

Donations to The Almond Tree are Tax Deductible, you will receive an 18A certificate to submit with your tax return.

If you would like to receive confirmation of your donation or request a tax certificate, email

Monthly Donations

You can set up a monthly donation of R100 or more via our PayFast page.

Once Off donations

Once Off donations help contribute to projects and program needs.
For once-off EFT payments, our bank details:

The Almond Tree
62556047051 FNB
Branch code 250112
Ref: Your Name


Donate Specific Items

The Almond Tree appreciates your willingness to assist us by donating goods. We trust that donated goods are in good working order.

For security reasons, donations may only be dropped off by appointment. Please call our office 011 963 0981 to arrange donation drop off.

Please note that donation drop off is not a visit to the home. If you wish to visit the home, please make an appointment.


PBO, NPO, BEE – Organization Certification

The Almond Tree is a registered NPO and PBO. (NPO 161-004 and PBO 930050917)

Sponsoring The Almond Tree will not only go a long way in helping babies in need, but will also benefit your company.

Each company that applies for a B-BBEE certificate will be required to show that they have made the appropriate Social Economic Development contributions during the year under review.

As at least 95% of our beneficiaries are black, by donating to us we can give you 100% recognition for your B-BBEE verification for each rand that you donate.

In addition, your contribution may be entirely eligible as a tax deduction as we are able to provide you with a Sec 18A certificate.


More Ways to Donate

Join Our Monthly Giving Program – Commit100