It was not much to know, but we were not in doubt – it was our son! We believe God has chosen him and us to be a forever family – Just like Elliot’s new older brother, Elias Baraka. We immediately contacted the adoption agency and after some weeks of waiting time and additional conversations with physicians and our caseworker, we were finally approved for our blessing, Elliot.

We have not regretted it for a second! Elliot was our son from when we first heard about him. He has challenges, yes – but not cerebral palsy, which we first heard about. We now know he has a brain injury, but we do not know what it will mean for him later in life. We take one day at a time and rests in the fact that God is in control of the future.

In Denmark, we have a really good network and get much help and support from the state. We are deeply thankful for that! But in everyday life it is not handicap, not brain injury and not things like that we see when we look at Elliot… We see a happy boy who thrives, who loves to make fun and have the most wonderful humour. He smiles and laughs and challenge themselves. He has a will made of iron and it will all in all help him through life.

Elliot has repeatedly shown us that he will not be treated as “special needs” child. He wants to do the same as the rest of us. He wants to be Elliot Blessing! And that is what he is – a great blessing in our lives. Just like his older brother, Elias Baraka. It is a huge privilege to be the parents of those two boys. And we love them both the way they are.

Thanks to you guys at The Almond Tree – you have done a huge work for our boy and not at least given him the care and love he needed so much. We miss you and look forward someday to visit you again! – Helen Munk